Wednesday, July 13, 2005

In One Ear and Out The Other

By now many of you are aware of this big deal about Karl Rove, evil overlord of the Bush Administration. Even more of you are scratching your heads and saying, "Who? What are you talking about? Who's Karl Rove? What's the Bush Adminstration?" If you fall into that category, clearly you are a normal person. Someone who has better things to do than get caught up in political minutiae.

It's really quite an interesting story, by which I mean to say positively uninteresting and worthless. I've had a difficult time deciphering all the facts, but I'll have a crack at it anyway. First, there is a reporter that is in jail for not giving up her source to a story she didn't write, but someone else did. Then there's another reporter who said Karl Rove was his source, so he's not in jail. This all has to do with some lady that was in the CIA, and someone else wrote an article about it. Got it? Neither do I... Yet.

apparently, The lady in jail is married to a guy that was sent to Africa to confirm reports that Saddam likes Nigerian Yellow Cake for Uday's birthday. The President said in one of his State of the Union Addresses that Saddam Likes Yellow Cake from Nigeria, But this turned out not to be true. The MSM then had a field day saying that Bush lied about the Yellow Cake. It turns out he got Uday 3 hookers for his birthday, but after one hooker, Uday was sleepy and sent the other 2 home. Also Saddam likes Carrot Cake, not Yellow Cake, but even more than that he likes Doritos.

Anyway, Karl Rove sent an email to some reporter about the whole thing, and now Democrats and the MSM want him to resign because all that cake gave President Bush a "Tummy ache." It's not clear as to whether Rove did anything wrong, or at least if he did anything illegal, but I'm sure as more evidence comes out, The MSM will fabricate documents to prove he was involved in some wrongdoing. Then they will claim the documents are copies of the originals, and the originals have been destroyed.

At any rate, I think that sums up the gist of the whole deal. At, least to the extent to which I have paid any attention to it. Let me be honest. I'm not a Republican. I don't give an alien's fgxefdjoymue-glop-glop about the Republican Party. I care about America, and the things that I believe. For further analysis of the situation look here.