Thursday, August 11, 2005

Policy Update

Upon reflection of my policy that Sub-par uncreative work is better than no new post at all, I have decided, that it kind of sucks. So now I’m thinking that I should get a trained deranged monkey to write stuff for me. Surely a monkey could write better material than me. I don’t think anyone here would doubt that. The monkey could type it’s opinions and such, or just mash at the keyboard. Whatever. Either way it would be better than the stuff I write.

If you know a monkey that will work for free, and knows how to type, or mash the keyboard, send an email to I’ll be expecting that animal lovin’ porn from the spambots. Don’t let me down spambots.

After each of the monkey’s submissions I could write an editors note saying:
The views expressed by the deranged monkey writer of this article in no way reflect those of the administrator of this blog. I also disagree with his belief that flinging his feces at me is fun. Furthermore, I would like to object to the assertion that a barrelful of monkeys is, in fact, fun. Unless said barrel of monkeys is on fire, or in some other way dying a horrible painful death. Then it’s fun.

On second thought, that editorial note is kind of long. Perhaps I’ll forgo the deranged monkey writer.


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