Thursday, September 01, 2005

Sheehan to Protest NOLA

America's favorite anti-war mom has announced that she plans to pick up and move Camp Cindy to New Orleans to protest Hurricane Katrina. The Ass-olciated Priss reports that Sheehan is suffering bouts of depression caused by a lack of airtime.
America need to know about this illegal war. Am I to believe that right when our movement began to pick up momentum, a hurricane strikes New Orleans, and Bush didn't plan this? The country needs to have me in the spotlight. I'm the face of the anti-war movement, and too much attention is being diverted to this supposed disaster. Why should I believe the President when he says that New Orleans has been devastated. He also said that Iraq had WMD's. Where are they? Bush lied about his war for oil. Now he's lying about hurricanes in Louisiana. It's all just a lie to raise the prices of oil for his Halliburton friends.

Sheehan plans to protest outside the Superdome, and prove that the hurricane was all a lie concocted by Bush and Rove.

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