Monday, October 10, 2005

ACLU Sues for Conjugal Visits

The ACLU has blocked legislation that reformed California's version of Megan's Law, which "would specify that sex offenders are not a protected class." This measure would also have specified that sex offenders addresses be kept updated to prevent renters in an apartment formerly occupied by a sex offender from running the risk of becoming false suspects.

The ACLU has taken this one step further, in an affront to all sense of common decency, and filed suit on behalf of sex offenders who wish to have conjugal visits with children. The lawsuit cites the freedom of assembly clause of the First Amendment.

Jose Estalino, a representative of the ACLU said,
It's no more right to prohibit conjugal visits for convicted sex offenders than it is to restrict free speech rights of those who wish to distribute hardcore child pornography, which is also protected under the first amendment. Pedophiles are endowed with the same rights as the rest of us.

Estalino also noted that The First Amendment allows for the right to peacably assemble, and added,
Who are we to negate the freedom of pedophiles who wish to associate with the children they molest?

The ACLU noted that critics of the lawsuit are "religious zealots," or "Nazis."

The United Nations is also supporting the conjugal visit proposition by instituting a measure called "The oil for Children program." Profits from oil sales by despotic regimes will be diverted into kickbacks for UN officials, and some of what is left over will be fronted to human slavery rings that will provide the convicts with "consenting" children.

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UPDATE: If you thought this seemed too believable, check Stop the ACLU to find out about the ACLU defending Child Pornography

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