Tuesday, November 01, 2005

DUmmies Answer

It's time for the answers to Ask a DUmmy. This was a risky covert, double secret undercover operation. I sent my best agent into hostile territory. Fortunately, neither Scooter Libby, nor Karl Rove, nor Bob Novak, or whomever, did not blow Agent 00Stupid's covert identity.

Lonewacko: Illegal immigration said:
Congratulate some of them on their pro-American illegal immigration stance. Ask the others why they support illegal immigration, and thus end up supporting:

- the Bush administration and their corporate backers' unquenchable thirst for cheap, compliant labor
- racial demagogues who, for instance, would like to turn the U.S. southwest into a - the Mexican government's scheme to send their excess population north, thus avoiding political reform and enriching their corrupt elite

This is sure a difficult infiltration operation. Agent 00Stupid reports:

- The employers are profiting, everyone else is suffering, and the labor unions are helpless to fight the abuse of the labor force. That's just the way the Bushies like it.*
- no one wins except the employers of the illegal immigrants, who get what is basically a form indentured servants with no rights or protections at all.*
- They are exploiting the immigrants and screwing over the American workers at the same time.*

Agent DM (Deranged Monkey), who specializes in de-encrypting DUmmy transmissions, reports that what this means is that even the DUmmies oppose Illegal immigration, in theory, (Although not for reasons of national security) but they are too wrapped up in political correctness to speak out against it in practice, other than to use it to criticize Bush.

My assessment is that these people don't know how to offer solutions. They only know how to offer criticism.

A4G asked,
I'd like to know who should be nominated for the AJ position: Alito, JRB, or Luttig?
Unfortunately, by the time that Agent 00Stupid was debriefed, Alito was already picked as the nominee. However, there was one intercepted transmission that was prior to Alitio getting the nod:

- Luttig or Alito The two names being mentioned now. The worst of the worst and the Christian Right's dream come true. If the Democrats in Congress don't filibuster either of these two, they may as well disband as a Party and go home. Declare this country a totalitarian theocracy and end the hypocrisy.*
- The 06 election won't matter once another extremist gets on the Court.*
- Supposedly, Alito has the inside track. With a nickname like "Scalito" you just know he has to be a nazi.*

Agent DM says that this means the DUmmies pretty much hate the options you mentioned. The Nazi card and the Theocracy card were thrown out there. My assessment is that this seems to be a good indicator that we have ourselves a good nominee with Alito.

FMRagtops said:
Ask them if they can tell you why Scooter wasn't indicted for leaking the name of a covert agent when he was indicted for lying about not doing it...Does that question make sense? One more question, since when does indictment mean guilty?

- Apparently Pigboy's lawyer coughed up an email that was sent from Pigboy right after he apparently "leaked" allegedly proving he was really busy with other stuff and could have forgotten he "leaked." Pahleeeeze.*
- Rove couldn't tell the truth if his life depended on it.*

Agent DM says "Pigboy" is Karl Rove. My analysis is that he wasn't indicted because Rove is a liar, and Rove is a liar because he is a Rethuglican. Libby's a Rethuglican, ergo, guilty.

SeanS asked:
Ask them what I. Lewis 'Scooter' Libby actually did wrong. I for one, don't really know.

Agent 00Stupid had a great deal of difficulty determining a way to find the answer to your question, but here's what he reports:

- I think Libby's indictment is part of the reason Miers withdrew/was asked to withdraw. So that now bush can put in 2 conservatives in and effectively shield himself and his party, if all this goes to the supreme court over the next couple years.*
- When you consider that had it been released in October 2004, without the stonewalling from the Reporters, then Scooter would have been indicted just before the Election. Talk about your "October Surprise". Sure the Repugniks would have claimed that Fitzgerald was Politically motivated, however the result would have been our winning across the board by landslides. The Repugniks left to run for office would have been tainted by the Bush Cabal for years.*

Agent DM say that this whole Libby thing is very difficult to comprehend for his meager simian brain. My assessment is that the newest version of the story is that the great Rove/Miller/Libby conspiracy got Bush re-elected, thus proving that Bush stole BOTH of his elections.

Thanks for participating in the first ever Ask a DUmmy. It's really hard work being a secret agent man.

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