Tuesday, November 22, 2005

OSM Has Competition

Lately, the blog'Osphere had been abuzz about OSM (Open Source Media). IMAO pointed out that the most commonly asked question about OSM is, " WTF?"

I plan to capitalize on this confusion and cash in big by forming my own competing company. This company will be called Apple Saurce Media. No. I didn't misspell that. It's Apple Saurce Media.

My business plan for world domination goes as follows:

1. Collect applesauce

2. ???????

3. Profit, or eat a lot of applesauce

If you would like to find your path to fame and fortune, join me in my quest to crush the OSM and render them an obscure but confusing and painful memory. You will be given a weekly salary of however much applesauce you collect but fail to turn into profit.

Collection of applesauce begins immediately. Please do NOT send me any applesauce. I don't like the stuff. You will also not profit from this strategy.

If you wish to join the ASM and be wealthy beyond all your wildest dreams, please leave a comment in the shockwaves section. I am also open to suggestions to improving this business model.

Linked on Those Bastards, The Business of America is Business

Third World County, is not too impressed with the OSM either. That's just more good news for ASM.

Open Souce Media has crumbled into oblivion, or at least changed it's name back to Pajamas Media. Victory is mine!

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