Thursday, December 15, 2005

Election, What Election?

The New York Times has announced its plan to hire illusionists David Blaine and David Copperfield to make the Iraqi election disappear from the front page, and reappear on the second to last page of the lifestyle section. “It seems like it would be easier than trying to create the illusion that the election was a failure when it’s obviously such a landmark success,” Al “A.J.” Jazeera, a PR agent of the NYT, explained.

The NYT has always prided itself on its ability to create illusions, such as the illusion that things are going poorly in Iraq, but things haven’t been going as well recently.

“Our attempts lately have looked like amateur night at the improv,” Jazeera told reporters. “People just aren’t buying into our rabbit out of the hat, quarter behind the ear, got your nose, pull my finger shtick anymore. We need to step up our game. The Davids are professionals of the highest order in their craft. I think they can really turn things around for us.”

However, a NYT insider, who requested anonymity, says that all this effort is an unnecessary expenditure. “People don’t read the New York Times anymore anyway. I see this all as being very wasteful.”

Regardless of the illusionary efforts of the NYT, the Iraqi election remains an historic event.


Two purple thumbs (or fingers) up for the Iraqi people on the outstanding success of democracy today.

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