Thursday, December 22, 2005

How Smart Are You?

Why haven't we been attacked since 9/11, 2001? Is it because:
A.) We haven't been attacked since what now?
B.) We have successfully thwarted the attempts that have been made, or
C.) It hasn't been tried

Think really hard. Try to get that brain functioning. Even if you barely have a brain. The correct answer is "C."

So why aren't we hearing about these successful operations?
A.) Media bias.
B.) It could negatively affect national security, the safety of covert operatives involved, or tip off others who are being tracked down for their involvement, or
C.) The answer to the first question was "C,"stupid. There's nothing to report.

Did you guess "C?" Good. Give yourself a cookie. You're obviously pretty smart.

Now, the important question is, if a Senator, an elected official, whom is privy to information on these thwarted attacks, depicts our anti-terrorism efforts as a failure, is he:
A.) What kind of master logician are you? There were no thwarted attacks, you monumentally stupid retard.
B.) Disregarding this knowledge to score cheap political points.
C.) A national hero, or
D.) Exercizing his right to free speech.

Haha! That was a trick question. A, C, and D are all acceptable answers. If you answered "B" to all three questions, you are clearly a jack-booted, brown shirt wearing, Nazi, fascist, neo-con. Oh, and a stupid doody-head too.