Monday, January 16, 2006

A Game of Real Life

I was thinking about creating a new board game based on the game "Life." It would be a bit more realistic though. In the original version, players frequently get to retire in style. In real life, this sort of outcome is highly improbable.

In my version, players will start out with 100 years of life. As the game progresses, players spin, and land on spaces that resemble real life situations. Here's a sampling of what I have so far. (Not in order)

  • Go to college. You are 40,000 dollars in debt. Live on ramen noodles, mac and cheese, and PBJ sandwiches. Lose 6 years off your life.

  • A child is born. Lose 12 years off your life.

  • Daughter begins dating. Lose 15 years off your life.

  • Begin smoking, lose 9 years off your life.

  • Quit smoking, add 1 year back on your life.

  • Pay Day! You've paid all your bills, and have 9 dollars left to make it through the next 2 weeks. Lose 1 year off your life.

  • Start smoking again, lose 7 years off your life.

  • Teenage son reaches rebellious stage, lose 4 years off your life.

  • Buy a home, lose 19 years off your life.

At the end of the game, players are dead. There are two options, either the player leaves a 10,000 dollar inheritance to a loving and grieving family, or the player dies penniless, cold, and alone. Players leaving behind a grieving family with an inheritance, then watch from the grave as the family tears itself apart arguing over who was responsible for "Killing mom and dad." Player spends eternity spinning in their grave.

On second thought. I guess games are supposed to be an escape from reality. People probably won't think that my version is too much fun.

Feel free to suggest your own game spaces in comments.


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