Tuesday, January 31, 2006

State of the Union: Advance Copy

The President is slated to give his State of the Union Address later
today, but thanks to a patriotic whistle blower inside the White
House, I have obtained an advance draft of the speech. Here are a few

"I have been listening in on as many phone conversations as my busy
schedule allows, and I understand that many Americans are concerned
about their privacy. There is no need for your concern, with so many
phone calls to monitor and so little time and resources. That's why I
am asking congress for an additional 237 Billion in funds allocated to
domestic spying programs."

"Hamas has been elected as the governing body of Palestine. This is a
hostile terrorist regime, and I call upon them to renounce terrorism,
and the stated goal of the destruction of Israel. If they do not
comply, I advocate using the nuclear option."

"Many Americans are concerned about border security. I am going to
push for legislation to institute a 'Borders without borders' program.
This will allow those who wish to come to this country and find work
to do so with transparency, and find work legally."

There's much more, but those are the key highlights. Keep in mind it's
a draft copy, and thus subject to change.

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