Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Weasel is a grossly under-used word. I intend to make an effort to use the word "weasel" more often from now on. At first I thought perhaps I could use it at random times, like the Smurfs use the word "smurf."

Upon further reflection, I decided that what It would be better to replace the use of all profanities with the word "weasel" or a variation. Be prudish with what qualifies as a profanity. OK, enough of the bullweasel. Let's get to the examples.
  1. Potential spam subject line, "enlarge your weasel." That claim is so full of weasel. Who are the people dumb enough to fall for that? They must have weasel for brains.
  2. Bend down and grab your ankles, you're about to get weaseled in the weasel. Ow! Motherweasel! That weaseling hurts the weaselhole.

  3. Weasel it! The dog just left a huge pile of weasel on the carpet.

  4. Better stop talking weasel. If you don't shut your weaseling weasel I'm going to punch you in the weaseling mouth.

  5. You weaselhead! You kicked me in the weasel. Weasel !

This heaping helping of cow weasel has gone on way too weaseling long.

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