Thursday, February 02, 2006

Reporting from the DUmmy Front

I was lurking DU for some comic relief and found an interesting fact. Did you know Cindy Sheehan is the new Rosa Parks? Neither did I. Never-the-less, DUmmy "Rocknrule" poses the question, "Who else agrees, Cindy is the new Rosa Parks?"

Some of the DUmmies seem to agree, but surprisingly there are voices of reason. DUmmy "incapsulated said"
Then you don't understand The difference between being called names or having people hate you for your beliefs and literally risking your life simply by sitting in the wrong place on a bus because of the color of your skin.... I think some people here have no sense of history.
DUmmy "question everything" says:
Umm is Sheehan prohibited from sitting any place on a bus or a lunch counter? Is she limited to what water fountain and toilet to use? You are either very young who have no idea about segregation or simple minded who does not think through. This is an insult to Rosa Park. And to Coretta Scott King, and to all the brave people who were beaten by Mississippi and Alabama police when they were fighting for civil rights. Shame on you.
DUmmy "hopein08" says:
Sorry, not even close... Rosa Parks didn't seek out attention. She had no agenda. She simply wanted to sit on the bus like everyone else. They are entirely different.
Whoa! Are they going to let that stand? I'm genuinely shocked. In fact there are a lot of sensible comments in response to Rocknrule's moronic question.

*Choke* Did I just say that?

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