Tuesday, July 19, 2005

New Supreme Court Nominee

The President will announce his new nominee for the SCOTUS in a few hours. It would seem that those on the Left will demand a Roe V. Wade litmus test of the nominee. If they perceive the nominee as a threat to Roe V. Wade, then he/she is sure to face the wrath of the pro-abortion Leftists, and will be accused of being a radical right-wing fascist.

Those on the Right will demand an appointee that will use a strict, originalist interpretation of the Constitution of the United States. If the candidate does not fit this description, they will demand the President's head on a pike, and not figuratively, I might add.

I however have my own litmus test. I care what a potential Supreme Court justice thinks about Rove V. Blade. Of course, we all know that Karl Rove is an evil alien overlord advisor from a giant mass of hot gas in the Orion Nebula. Blade is the immortal half-human, half-vampire, portrayed by Wesley Snipes.

The important issue at hand is: In a fight to the death, who would win - Karl Rove or Blade? Of course the correct answer is Karl Rove, because Blade is a fictional character, but Karl Rove is real. If a potential new SCOTUS justice does not know how to correctly answer this question then he/she is not fit to be appointed to the Supreme Court. Clearly if one does not have the common sense to come to a logical conclusion on Rove V. Blade, then one does not possess the intellectual tools of logic to realize that the way to change the Constitution is outlined IN the Constitution. It's called the "amendment" process.