Thursday, July 28, 2005

Office Chat

Hi, Jim. What's up?
Oh, hey, Dickie.
I told you never to call me that! My name is Ricardo!
Sheesh. Sorry.
Er...Lemme ask you something?
Go ahead... Shoot.
Ever have that dream where you go to work without any pants?
Sure. Who doesn't?
That's embarassing. Huh?
I suppose.
What if... Uh... You know... What if that happened for real?
I dunno.

Hehe... Er... See. The thing is... WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO YOUR PANTS MAN?!!! You got no dungarees on.
Does that bother you?
Wha - how - jst - OF COURSE IT DOES!!! It bothers everbody!!!
Hmm. No one's said anything. Say, uh, I just dropped my pen. Could you just reach over there and pick it up for me?


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