Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Jeanine Pirro Campaign

A Precision Guided Humor Assignment

I not be is smart enough to come up with a slogan for the Jenine Pirro campaign. After all, I am a conservative, but I have come up with a radio ad. Of course there must be the obligatory ominous voice over. It always has to sound like impending doom.


Begin voice over:
Hilary Clinton thinks we should take back the country from Rush Limbaugh. Cue Hilary sound clip
We need to stand up and tell Rush Limbaugh that we are taking our country back!
Resume voice over
But Rush Limbaugh isn't running for any elected offices, so you can't vote for him, even though you want to. Jeanine Pirro IS, running, so you can vote for her. This election, vote for Jeanine Pirro, because you can. End ominous voice over.

Begin "small print" voice over
This message paid for by friends of Halliburton, a 527c non-profit group, Rush Limbaugh, Chairman.


So there you have it! Vote for Jeanine Pirro, because you can. I know. It sucks as a slogan, but it's the best my feeble mind can do.