Thursday, August 25, 2005

The MoxArgon Group

The Best damn new blog! And some conspiracy theories on it. The MoxArgon Group arrived on the scene a mere 10 days ago. It features a political round table discussion between a few really evil aliens, and one mildly evil alien, and it is seriously 'teh funny'.

But who is the evil genius behind the MoxArgon Group? Damian G. had it blogrolled pretty darn quick. Could he be the madman behind this ?

Citizen Grim has been having a dry spell when it comes to writing 'teh funny'. Could he be tapped out from writing this work of an evil genius?

The one and only Frank J. has been devoted to editorials and sci-fi. Could he slumming it to unleash his gift for wit? But why would he go with a Blogspot account? And why would he take the anonymous route? The world may never know.

Perhaps the Evil Emperor Mindstation is the evil alien behind the evil alien. Could it be?

Is it really a newbie on the scene? What do you think?