Friday, September 23, 2005

Ahoy Mateys

The Monday last was International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Alas, I was not in the home port, but I was in the Pirate's Paradise of Nags Head, North Carolina. I don't want to miss on me chance to talk like a pirate, so I will regail ye with boring photos of me vacation, with pirate talk.

Ahoy! Thar be horses on the beach. Legend has it they be of Spanish blood. Me step-daugher searches for seashells.

No, it be not a mermaid, the legendary lady of the sea. That be a pair of dolphins ye see.

'Twas a beautiful view we were to be havin' from our balcony at the inn. Thar be the moon on high o'er the sea.

Land ho! 'Tis Jockey's Ridge. That be whar the brothers Wright took to the sky.

Yarrrrrrrgh! Fitch sneaks a kiss from a beauteous lass. That lilly-livered scalawag.

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