Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Party With Open Trackbacks

I'm going away on vacation until next Tuesday Sept. 20. Go ahead an use this for open trackbacks in the meantime. Please only link 2 per day. Keep going all week long. Sure the trackbacks won't bring in the big extra traffic, but it might move you up from #3267 to #3261 in TTLB ranking. So that's gotta be worth something. Also, I will read every trackbacked post when I get back, and there just might be some pimpin' in it for you too. Double the fun with open trackbacks at Fitch Is Always Right. Don't forget, I don't have the fancy publishing software, so you actually have to click that trackback link to see the trackbacks.

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I leave you with these words of wisdom

I am not in love with theft!! The oil LOBBYISTS can rob Latino agnostics in the third world, all in the name of "sanctity of life"? Morals, indeed.

I suppose, Smirky can talk about "western civilization", all the while bludgeoning HOMOSEXUAL ferns, so his handmaids can neglect pro-choice insurgents in Taiwan!!!! If you AREN't cuckoo about the evil and DEMOLISHING of this chimp in charge, then you are a Rechimplican!!! What about pure rivers!? What ABOUT energy crystals and public television for the 38,085 deaf atheists who are discriminated against every day by our imperial chimp and his henchmen?

OK so maybe not so much wisdom as wiz dumb, but definitely words.