Friday, September 09, 2005

The Left is On to Us

They've got us by the short-hairs now. The overwhelming preponderance of evidence cannot be escaped. No longer can we conservatives hide our agenda. Der Fuhrer Bushitler has been exposed by the Reality Based Community. And that's not all. The progressives of America have discovered the sinister plot as well.

The thing that really has me down though, is that I just don't feel racist ENOUGH these days. I went to work today and saw my liason with the black community, (seriously, he calls himself that), and we exchanged racial slurs, as we usually do. But I just wasn't feelin' it.

I even caught myself feeling sympathy for the folks suffering the aftermath of the hurricane. How am I suposed to promote the extermination of the black race when I'm having intrusive and obstructive feelings of compassion and sympathy for black folk?

Ah... Maybe it's just a short term passing phase. Hopefully these sensations of empathy will pass soon, and we can get back on our path of establishing the Master Race.

If you thought this was funny, you probably think THIS is hilarious. If not... Good.

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