Thursday, September 08, 2005

Shameful Pr0n Star Names

Katey's Kafe has some suggestions on giving yourself a Pr0n star name, and I came up with a few more ides that yield even more especially shameful results, at least for myself.

1. The full name of the hospital where you were born + the name of the road of your current place of employment

My result = Chester County Hospital Airport. Well - which is it? A hospital, or an airport.

2. The name of your oldest pet + the most recent "instant" meal you consumed

My result = Holly Hot Pockets. Not too shabby... if I were a chick.

3. Your favorite LIVING President or former President (Last Name) + Your most recently aquired pet.

My result = Bush Scout. That's the one! I'm sticking to it.


Note to Katey - I had to figure out the permalink location. Fortunately I knew how to guess what it was. Please find out how to get an accessible permalink on your posts back into your template. Thanks.