Monday, September 26, 2005

Moonbat Cindy

From her latest posting At HuffPo
The person who is the (p)resident of the White House now has no concept of the Constitution. He was appointed by the Supreme Court for his first term, invaded and continues to occupy a sovereign country without a declaration of war from the Congress, and violated several treaties to actually invade, Iraq too. Not to mention the condoned torture that pervades the military prisons these days. These are all violations of the Constitution. The Patriot Act and denying us our rights to peaceably assemble are serious breaches of the Bill of Rights. George is so hypocritically concerned about Iraq developing a Constitution when he ignores and shreds our own Constitution.
What? No mention of how the Halliburton Weathermatic 5000 was used to wipe out the blacks in New Orleans? She seems to have missed a talking point.

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