Monday, September 26, 2005

Terrorists Disregard Cease Fire Agreement

Just two weeks after caving to terrorist demands and withdrawing from the Gaza Strip, Israel launched an attack on Islamic Terrorists, "killing an Islamic Jihad commander in a pinpoint airstrike in the Gaza Strip and rounding up more than 200 wanted Palestinians." According to the Associated Press. (Bug Me Not) "Early today, the Israeli military carried out two airstrikes in Gaza."

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon promised to use "all Means" to stop the terrorist threat. He told his cabinet, "There shall be no restrictions on the use of all means to hit the terrorists and the terror organizations, their equipment and their hideouts." The airstrike killed Islamic Jihad's top commander in southern Gaza, Mohammed Khalil, and his bodyguard as they drove along a coastal road in Gaza City. Khalil is said to be responsible for attacks that killed 17 Israelis.

Of course this return to the policy of targeted killings, is not without its critics.
Mohammed al-Hindi, Islamic Jihad's top leader in Gaza and the West Bank, said, "We have been forced to abandon our policy of disregarding the cease fire agreement in favor of not honoring the cease fire agreement."

Apparently, Hamas fired nearly 40 rockets into Israel, which got the ball rolling on the new Israeli offensive.


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