Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Inside the White House

Radioactive Liberty has secret listening devices planted at the White House. Here's a conversation that we caught:

Begin Transcript:

W: Hey, Dickie. I'm glad to see you. I wanted to ask you something.
Vice-President: Yes, Mr. President.

W: I've been picking and picking, but I can't seem to get this booger out.
VP: I'm sure you'll figure it out, Mr. President.

W: So, tell me why you're here.
VP: It seems that your poll numbers are down, and a lot of people on our side aren't happy with your selecting Harriet Miers for the Supreme Court vacancy.

W: Hmmm. I guess That could hurt my chances of being re-elected.
VP: You can't run for re-election, Mr. President.

W: I can't?
VP: No, Mr. President, You can't.

W: No fair! Why not? FDR was president more than two terms.
VP: That's true, but there was an amendment that changed the rules. You can only run twice now.

W: What's a "mend mint?" Is that like peppermint? I like peppermint.
VP: No. An "AMENDMENT." It's how you change the Constitution.

W: I thought the judges were supposed to do that.
VP: No, George -

W: (interrupting) I told you to always call me Mr. President! That's how I can remember that I'm the President.
VP: Sorry, Mr. President. Judges aren't supposed to change the Constitution. That's why this Supreme Court appointment is so important.

W: But that's why I nominated Harriet... To make the Constitution the way WE like it.
VP: That's what people are afraid of. That were just replacing Liberal judicial activism with Conservative judicial activism.

W: OH! So I shoulda nominated someone to leave the Constitution alone... Like it already was?
VP: Yes, Mr. President. That was supposed to be the plan.

W: Holy cow! Dickie, Did you see that?
VP: See what?

W: That Burger King fella just scored a touchdown! He looks kinda creepy. Don't you think?
VP: (Sighs) Yes, Mr. President. I think I'll leave you to your Presidential Duties now.

W: Oh, hey. Thanks for reminding me. I do have to go to the bathroom.
VP: (Walking out of room. Sighs and mumbles under his breath) Idiot...

End Transcript

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