Tuesday, October 04, 2005

SCOTUS Costume Party

The Halloween Season is drawing near, and the White House is getting in the holiday spirit. On Monday, President George Bush announced Harriet Miers as the new nominee to the Supreme Court.

A source close to the President, speaking under the condition of anonymity said, "Since Our Frat-Boy in Chief started drinking again, the party is off da hook!. This is the best Halloween prank ever!"

Another unnamed White House Source said that the selection of a nominee that looks like something from the Night of the Living Dead was a "stroke of genius" He also said, "Imagine belligerent Democrats like Joe Biden giving her the third degree. It's just not going to happen. During the hearings, He's more likeley to say something like,
You have my vote. Now please don't eat my brains.
Which shouldn't be a problem anyway. You need to HAVE brains for them to be eaten."

An anonymous staffer that works for Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said, "The Senator was simply appealing to his fear of the undead when he came out and praised her nomination. The staffer claims that:
What he really meant was, "Please don't suck my blood."


I've been informed that the above picture is NOT in fact a picture of Harriet Miers, but a picture of Fred Gwynne in My Cousin Vinnie. I apologize for the confusion. Here's the "correct" photo.


I'm still confused about the difference here.

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