Saturday, October 01, 2005

Carnival of Comedy 22

Pay a visit to the 22nd installment of the Carnival of Comedy, hosted this week by Steve the Pirate, to fin out who's funny, and who's not (that would be me). "Steve" asks me not to nuke him, which won't be a problem. He was actually quite kind. I expected my submission to recieve a comment like, "Apparently Fitch doesnt understand the difference between Comedy, and Commentary. Yes the words Start the same, and they both end with the same letter, but there's a world of difference." Instead what I got was " speaks the truth and sometimes truth is more important than funny." Your too kind "Steve," so thanks.

The fact is I was running out of time, and was struck with a case of total lack of inspiration. So I fired of a fisking, and hoped a few of my comments were funny, combined with the fact that as A4G said, "Straight news is the new satire," maybe, just maybe it would be funny. It wasn't, but better luck next time I guess.