Friday, November 18, 2005

Angry Leftists Want It Both Ways

Let's see, Liberal Democrats think dodging the draft in Vietnam was a great thing to do. It was noble to be a conscientious objector. They want to keep recruiters of today from recruiting. Yet, talking out of the other side of their anuses they decry that members of the current administration did not serve in Vietnam.

They spit on our soldiers when they returned from Vietnam, yet at the same time, the same group of people want to hold up veterans as model citizens when it serves their purpose. They called our soldiers baby killers back then, but now they want to declare certain veterans as being above reproach when it's politically expedient.

They declare that we don't have enough troops to finish the job, but at the same time, want to bring them home, because the human cost is too high.

They say that hundreds of thousand of innocent civilians died at the hands of our troops, but claim to support the troops. How long until veterans of this war get spit upon and called baby killers?

Hippies, you can't have everything both ways.

You may now attempt to persuade me that I'm not always right.

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