Thursday, November 17, 2005

Carnival of Comedy #29

Well, it's the Carnival of Comedy #29. I bet you didn't know that. Everyone seems to have lost count. Grim Milestones abound in the 29th installment of the carnival, and as we all know, Grim Milestones mean party time. What better way to celebrate the Grim Milestone of Radioactive Liberty's 100th post than hosting a carnival? This means yet another RL Grim Milestone: The first time anyone could ever find something funny here. So let's get on with "teh funny" then, huh?

200 Megaton Blast - The Funniest of teh funny

Wonder Woman explains the symptoms and treatment for a new disease afflicting millions of moonbats across the nation. It's perhaps an evolution of the Post Election Stress Trauma that ravaged the nation one year ago. (A North American Patriot)

A4G imagines San Francisco, sans gun ownership, would be much like popular video game series Grand Theft Auto. See the ad, then buy the game. (Point Five)

Pluto's Dad uncovers the truth about Democrats and WMD's. Needless to say, we don't call 'em DUmmies for nothin'. (Eye on the Ball News)

Laurence Simon gives us a little Q&A about Saddam's children. Complete with Comic Strip. I like pictures. (This Blog Is Full Of Crap)

Buckley F. Williams stakes out the moral High Ground and tells us why TNOYF didn't jump into the fray of reporting Hot Lesbian Cheerleader Sex. Oddly, it seems that he reports on hot lesbian cheerleader sex by taking the high road on ethical journalism about hot lesbian cheerleader sex. (Go Sitemeter!) (The Nose On Your Face)

Dr. E. Scientist explains the beliefs of an evil scientist, from a mad scientist's point of view. (Where's the Ka-Boom?)

Jack's Shack Explains about an encounter with a suicide bomber of another kind. (Random Thoughts: Do they Have Meaning?)

TNT Test Site Blasting - Still powerful, but not as powerful as a 200 megaton nuclear warhead

Playah Grrl gives us a creative mixture of H.P.Lovecraft and Dark Rovian conspiracy theories, all brought to you by the NYT Double Select Top Secret Content. (LGC: An Experiment in Community)

Jimmy B Fills up his monster truck at a nearby local gas station, and almost pulls a fast one on the cashier. A word of advice to Jimmy, 99 cent beer? Yuck! I like the good stuff, and only the good stuff. (The Conservative UAW Guy)

Sean S teams up with his brother Jermcool on a new blog, and Sean gives us a probable view on who first thought up eating Kidneys, on purpose. (The Brothers Dim)

Rory imagines a world with an American Idol spinoff in Every. Single. Country. In the World. A nightmare of epic proportions indeed. Language (What Not to Do in Australia)

Hoodlumman Tells about the Fox News crisis resulting from being unable to overhype an event for 2 months straight. (File It Under)

Tommy gives us the recap of an argument between Keith Olberman and Pat Buchannan... Over the fact that Pat Buchannan is not Pat Robertson. Poor, dumb Keith. (Striving For Average)

Ellison provides an example of how young children sometimes answer questions too literally. This would have ranked higher if it had a "show it/hide it" tag. Language (Blog D'Ellison)

Bob ponders the joys of mixing socialism and legalized prostitution. After all, what could be better than a government run brothel? (Either Orr)

Mark continues the Q&A of General Kang. I don't think I will vote for General Kang in the next election. (The Skwib)

Ironman explains the mumbo, and the jumbo of doctors and hospital staff in words we common folk can understand. I am Iron-Man.! DAH, da, dadada, da da da da da da da, da, da DAH. Sorry, I just couldn't resist. (Political Calculations)

50 Caliber M-107 - Not as damaging as TNT and Nukes, but still effective at killing Terrorists and inflicting laughter.

Mark shows us some of the contradictory advice contained in "Life's Little Instruction Book." (Runalong With Pastor Mark)

Proud Mary decides she doesn't much like the resident skunk anymore. So what if she once thought it looked cute. Language (Proud Mary)

Miriam explains that going to the blood lab and going to the tribal witch doctor aren't all that different. The main difference is the lack of farm animals at the blood lab. (Miriam's Ideas)

Mr. Right reports the Democrat's strategy to slow their out of control downward spiral out of power. (The Right Place)

Andrew considers a few plausible theories for getting rid of the darkness of nighttime. I'm torn on which method I favor. (Andrew's Ridiculously Stupid Ideas)

Ricky gives advice on using cell phones in airplanes. (In Search of What's Next)

Erin O'Brien Tells a story about what happens when you get a 22Lb ham for a family of 3. MMMM Ham. (Erin O'Brien's Owners Manual)

Peemil Shows us a brave new world, where people finally give peace a chance, and spend the rest of their time spanking the monkey. Language (Where Are My Socks?)

Ahistoricality makes fun of Pat Robertson by giving a Woody Guthrie song new Lyrics. (Ahistoricality)

David makes fun of Pat Robertson too. Should he really be looking at teenage girls that way? (Horn+Swoggled)

200 Motels tries to figure out how to market wine to redneck cowboys in Texas.

Kyle Rants about how he doesn't care what people think. Well Kyle, what makes you think we care what you think? I think that made sense, but I don think I think clearly enough to know if I think I thought I.... Oh forget it. (Guns and Glory)

Failed Suicide Belt - Just not worthwhile

Jack Cluth Writes an entirely non-humorous commentary, that I suppose is interesting if you are an America hating, terrorist hugging, communist, DUmmy moonbat that's obsessed with hatred for the President. Note to Jack: It's the Carnival of Comedy not the Carnival of Commentary here. Anyway, Jack took the opportunity to accuse the President of being the one re-writing history in his Veterans Day speech. Let's all go there anyway and start a flame war in the comments section. NSFW: Moonbattery (The People's Republic of Seabrook)

Also there was one more submission that only linked to a main page. I think it was a spam site. Let's celebrate the Grim Milestone of a Carnival of Comedy Spammers post. YAY!

So there you have it folks, the 29th CoC. Thanks to all who participated. I hope you enjoyed it. It was tough sorting things by ranking due to the generous abundance of talent.

Tune in next time as YOU host the carnival because you sent an email to Spacemonkey saying, "Dear Spacemonkey, I know you need hosts for the Carnival of Comedy, and I would love to be a host." Seriously. Think there's a long waiting list? WRONG!

Thanks to IMAO for sponsoring the CoC. It's where it all got started you know. Without them, we wouldn't be here. To see Spacemonkey's woefully out of date FAQ info on the Carnival of Comedy go Here.

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Wow! After all that, I think I need a smoke.

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