Monday, November 28, 2005

Post-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Post

Well, Thanksgiving is over, and we’re all back to work. Time to wake up from your tryptophan induced stupors. The 4 day weekend is over. I took a break from posting over the weekend, as I seem to do on a regular basis, weekly in fact. Honestly, what do I do? One or two posts a week?

Many people, who aren’t me, did some sort of tribute to Thanksgiving. Some posted a list of things they have to be thankful for, like “I am thankful for my beautiful child, with her 8 fingers, 11 toes, and perfect beautiful bushy tail.”

Or that they are thankful for those who have served (past and present, combat and non-combat), bravely in defense of our nation, like, “I am grateful for the courageous men and women who have volunteered to fight the evil Luxembourgian chin-surgeons in the controversial War for Limburger.”

Others took a religious tact, like, “Dear Lord, Thank you so much for being the Lord of all Lords. You are the Lordiest Lord of all Lords, Lord. I am forever humbled by your Lordiness, Lord. I indeed there is no Lordier Lord than thou.”

Still others provided historical background on the holiday. For example, “Thanksgiving was first celebrated in 1953, when President Lincoln declared war on Luxembourg, and everyone gave thanks for the fact that we had a Republican President in a time of war.”

I however, just took the time off to spend time with the family. I sincerely hope you thoroughly enjoyed your holiday.