Tuesday, November 29, 2005

It's My Grim Milestone and I'll Bitch If I Want To

So today is my birthday, and I’m pissed. “Why would someone be pissed off on such a Grim Milestone?” You might ask. After all, Grim Milestones are cause for celebration.

Well, I’ve worked for my company for a total of about 8 years now. I worked for a little over 2 years the first time, and I’m approaching my 6th year this time around. Anyway, this is my 8th birthday while working here.

I have learned to accept the fact that I’m not allowed to take my birthday off, because my boss goes hunting, as does one other employee. We only have 10 people, so 2 people off, especially when one of them is my boss, is the limit. In all my time here, I’ve never had my birthday off, except when it falls on the weekend.

I can even accept the fact that I have to “share” my birthday with one of the salespeople. Yup, even with the small number of employees we have, I have the same birthday as one other person. YAY!

What has me severely pissed off right now is that *I* can’t take the day off, even as a planned vacation day, because we have 2 people off today, but some young guy, that hasn’t even worked here for a year, decides to call off today. What a dickhead.

So, basically, unless things go really slow today, I’m screwed. This jerk that called off left me hanging, as the only person in my department to get the job done, on my birthday.


I’ll make it through of course, and I’ll hope that my boss rips into Mr. Part-Timer when my boss gets back from his happy hunting.

Until then, Eff you Kevin!

And Happy Birthday to Me!

UPDATE: It looks like I better bring the KY with me when I come back from lunch. Thanks a lot Kevin. I know where you live.