Monday, December 19, 2005

Christians Declare War on Holiday

I want the "Holy" put back in my holy day (or Holiday). There has been a concerted effort by Christians to hijack the deep meaningfulness of Holiday, and impose their clearly non-religious, meaningless celebration that they refer to as "Christmas" on the rest of us.

Sure, some of them claim that it is a religious celebration, specific to their religion, but this is nothing more than secularist propaganda, clearly.

85% of the population claims to be Christian, but many, if not most don't really adhere to the principles of the religion. It's been reported that as much as 95% of the American population celebrates Christmas. How can a day be declared to be a sacred religious holiday when it is celebrated by people who don't even subscribe to the religion in question? Yet Christians want us to believe that Christmas is some sort of special sacred day in their lives. Right.

It goes even further than that. The Christians hijacked the day from sun-god worshippers in order to impose their beliefs on the followers of these pagan religions. It's no coincidence that so-called "Christmas," and the sacred pagan rebirth celebration of the winter solstice occur at approximately the same time (and "New Years" too). The theory was that imposing their world-domination bent religion would be more palatable to the sun worshipping farmer folks if they included the important winter celebration as part of their festivities.

So, now in an effort to once again be inclusive, Christians want to impose their meaningless "Christmas" on those of us celebrating the important and meaningful Holy day of Holiday. No thanks. I don't want my Holy day stripped down to an all inclusive, mundane celebration of "Christmas." Meanwhile, Christians claiming it to be some day of religious significance.

What good is the Constitution if it does not protect religious freedom of the minority that celebrates Holiday, from the majority that wishes to impose their watered down, secular celebration of "Christmas?"

Happy freakin' Holiday to you, and I will thank you not to reply with "Merry Christmas."


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