Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Democrats Really Do Support the Troops

More than a few people seem to be confused as to how the Democrats claim to support the troops, while at the same time behaving in a fashion that seems so clearly UNsupportive. I have a little educational primer to help you along, and clear up some of the confusion. Mostly this entails pointing out the difference between the troops, and the terrorists. It can sometimes be easy to confuse the two.

Lesson one:
What do you see here? Look closely. Did you guess right? This is a terrorist. You can tell because terrorists dress in street clothes and try to blend in with the ordinary citizens.

Ok, now what do you see here? These are the troops. How can you tell? Unlike the terrorists, who attempt to blend in, you can see that the troops wear protective body armor, to keep terrorist bullets from piercing vital organs.

Lesson two:
Here we see typical terrorist behavior. They are using fear and intimidation to torture the captured freedom fighter. Clearly, this in no way resembles the championing of the Iraqi people exemplified by the troops.

Now, what did you see here? Did you think that this was a picture of American soldiers? Don't be silly. American soldiers would be "going into the homes of Iraqis in the dead of night, terrorizing kids and children." Clearly, we see here, insurgent Freedom Fighters. Did you get that one right? How did you know? Look how the Freedom Fighter is welcomed by the Iraqi family. Terrorist Americans would not be appreciated in such a grateful fashion.

Lesson three:
What did you see when you saw this picture? Hmm? Saddam's Mass graves. Why, no, stupid neo-con. Thanks to evil corporate capitalist nations, poor Iraqi's were forbidden to sell their oil for profit. This left people too poor to allow for proper burial of their loved ones. It's all America's fault. Duh!

Did you see the troops in this picture? Look hard. They are the freedom fighters that have commandeered the plane. Yes, the troops have regained control of the rougue plane, and used it to sacrifice themselves in order to send an important political message about the evils of capitalism.

I hope this clears things up for you. The Democrats DO support the troops. You were just confused about who the troops were because you're a dumb, redneck neocon.


I get the impression that when Basil featured this, he did so with premeditation and intent.

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