Thursday, December 08, 2005

Grim Milestones and Conjugal Visits

Okay, so there aren’t any conjugal visits, but don’t tell that to the freaks that keep finding this site by running an internet search for them.

Radioactive Liberty has reached the Grim Milestone of 5000 (unique) hits, by sitemeter's count method. I believe the actual hit #5000 to be a spam hit, so the award goes to #5001. Dr. Phat Tony. Congratulations Doc! You are the winner of a free Dr. Phat Tony's T-shirt. Feel *free* to buy one from yourself, or however that works. You can also receive one more parting gift, and all you have to do to receive it is…

Pull my finger.


Thanks to everyone who has visited the site since its fluorescent yellow-green inception in June. Especially those who have worked tirelessly to make it their mission to devote their lives to reading my stuff. One question though; don’t you people have jobs? I’m guessing no.


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