Friday, December 02, 2005

Shameful Admission

Under heavy criticism for his support for Bush’s illegal war for oil in Iraq, Michael Fitch, most widely known as a rising star in the world of web log publishing (commonly known as “blogging”) has admitted to dodging the draft during the Vietnam War. He unleashed a firestorm of controversy when he responded to Vietnam veteran, and war hero, Congressman John Murtha’s recent remarks by making baseless and libelous personal attacks against the decorated 37 year veteran marine.

Yesterday, Fitch held a small press conference outside his southeastern Pennsylvania ranch style home, in which he admitted that his conduct during the Vietnam War was more than a mere youthful indiscretion. “The fact that I wasn’t born until 1972 is no justification,” Fitch said. “It was unconscionable for me not to serve my country. Reprehensible even.”

Fitch, who publishes under the acronym “FIAR,” meaning “Fitch is always right” went on to say, “Now that I have had a few years to look back at how I behaved, I feel very ashamed at my failure to answer the call to duty that was issued to all Americans. Indeed, I am a chicken hawk.”

Fitch also wanted to apologize for the manner in which he has misrepresented himself. He said, “I would like to apologize to Uber, FMRagtops, Von, and my 2 other unknown readers for my shameful conduct. I thought myself to be an honorable person, but it is now clear to me that being a veteran of Vietnam is the most important thing. I’m sorry. I was wrong.”


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