Monday, January 30, 2006

All Bark, No Bite

Democrats love to whine, yap, and howl about "tax cuts for the wealthy." I really don't care who the tax cuts are for, I'm in favor of them. Personally, I would like more tax cuts for everyone.

Then we hear about how these tax cuts are a "gift," or a "giveaway," or a "windfall." Let me ask those of you who buy into this class warfare bullcrap, how used to abuse do you have to be to see being less abused as a windfall?

Let's say that every year, you are burglarized, and 25% of your stuff is taken. If the next year, only 20% of your stuff gets stolen, would you consider that to be a "giveaway?" I wouldn't. Any reasonable thinking being wouldn't. So why is it different if the burglar is the government?

Here's a newsflash for you: It's not the government's money! It belongs to the person or business that made the money. If that person or business has less of their money stolen by the government, it's not a gift. It's not a windfall. It's a person or business keeping more of their own money. It's NOT the government's money.

On a related topic, how many times must we hear the Democrats throw out baseless criticisms, and when asked what they would do, they spit out rhetorical vagaries, like, "I'm for improving the health care system," or, "we need to bring education into the 21st Century."

When the President makes his State of the Union Address, look for Democrats to criticize the lack of "specifics." I promise you'll hear, "He wasn't specific. There weren't any specifics. We would have liked some specifics." You hear it every time.

Well pardon me, but it's not the President's job to be specific. It's his job to lead in a direction. Congress and the Senate are responsible for the specifics. So, tell me Senator Barks-a-lot, why do I not feel blown away by your "specifics" on "improving the health care system?" Please try not to overload my canine brain with all your "specifics" on how you would fight the War on Terror better.

Specifics, I want specifics. I am fairly certain, though, that it would be less pointless and futile to chase my tail than to wait for the Democrats to offer specifics.

Posted by Isis.

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