Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Schumer: Wall to Protect from Terror Threat

Last month, when renewal of the USA PATRIOT Act was filibustered, President Bush challenged several Senate Democrats to inform their constituents that they are safer as a result. In spite of the temporary extension of the Patriot Act, it remains an unresolved issue.

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), has picked up the gauntlet thrown down by the President, and issued a statement that said "the Gorelick Wall promises to be a formidable counter-terrorism measure." He continued, "It's impenetrable. Just ask anyone involved in intelligence gathering or law enforcement prior to passage of the Patriot Act."

The Gorelick Wall should permeate throughout the entire intelligence community, and stretch the entire length of the Mexican/American Border. He said it should "stifle all attempts to successfully unleash a terror attack on the U.S."

Schumer statement also called the Gorelick Wall a successful policy, pointing to the fact that the number of terrorist attacks sustained on American soil prior to 9/11 were "negligible." The statement also said, "Since 9/11 we have had Enron, Plamegate, rigged voting machines, Nazis at Abu Ghraib, the Downing Street Memo, gulags at G'itmo, Halliburton, Jack Abramoff, Hurricane Katrina, and Domestic Spying. I challenge the President to explain to the voters how these things have made them safer."

Radioactive Liberty contacted the Senator's office to ask him if he was aware that the Gorelick Wall is not an actual physical structure. The Senator has not yet responded to the inquiry.

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