Friday, January 20, 2006

Weak on Defense

So the Democrats want to whine about the "timing" of the alleged "bin Laden" tape. They want to insinuate that it's a propaganda scheme employed by the Republicans. Perhaps instead of whining about conspiracy theories, the Democrats might want to evaluate why it is that the President seems to get a bump in the polls every time one of these things are released.

The Democrats cry about how "convenient" it is that these tapes are released. Why don't they ask themselves, "Why does this help Republicans, and not us?" In theory, it should not hurt either party. It does have a political advantage for Republicans, and a disadvantage for Democrats though. Perhaps they might want to reflect on why that is, rather than throwing out their moronic theories.

I will direct this to the Democrat crybabies: Go home, sit down in your favorite comfy chair, and think. Get yourself a nice cold drink, and let your mind examine the reasons a message from the terrorists helps the Republicans and hurts you.

It does nothing more than remind people of the real naturre of the threat of terrorism. That shouldn't be a partisian issue, now should it?

I'll give you a hint. It reminds people that they don't trust you on issues of security and national defense. Now think about why that is.

Posted by Isis

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