Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Tired of Mohammed Cartoons? Me Too

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This whole Mohammed cartoon thingy is really starting to annoy me. I've gone from bored to annoyed with the whole stupidity. For one thing, the things were published in like October. I can't think of much good reason to wait around a few months to decide to get all angry over something.

I suspect that the self-detonating underwear stains looked at the "pretext for violence" playbook, and decided they needed a new play. Voila! (Pardon my French) Offensive cartoons. So, now they're all like, "How dare the infidels depict us as violent extremists? Well show them violent extremists. Death to the infidels!"

Tip to islamofascists: Ironic. Look it up.

Either way, *YAWN* it's so last week. Fortunately, my boredom has provided me with wisdom, or maybe it's just whiz dumb.

We need to find a way to give these people short attention spans like we have. I recommend something in high definition and several hundred worthless channels. A few "Goats Gone Wild" videos wouldn't hurt either. That way, when they get the impulse to commit violence, they'll be like, "These cartoons are an outrage! Death to the... Hey! That goat has got it going ON! Praise be ALLAH!" Problem solved.

So, like I was saying, this is the best damn beer I have ever had. According to their website, there are 2 relatively close distributors that stock it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but hopefully I'll be picking up a case this weekend.

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