Monday, June 27, 2005

Bush to Consult on Court Nominations

Newsmax reports, Senate Democrats are requesting that President Bush get their approval for any upcoming Supreme Court nominee. "The way to avoid the divisiveness and discord that occurred over past judicial nominations is through consensus and cooperation in the selection of future candidates," the Senate Democrats said in a letter sent to the White House on Thursday.

Senator Edward Kennedy (D) of Massachusetts said, "It doesn't take much to get our consent. All the president has to do is seek out his preferred non-ideological choices, ask us about them, and listen to our answers." White House press secretary Scott McClellan said that the White house has consulted, and will continue to consult with the Senate on nominations. "And I would expect if there were a Supreme Court nominee, the president would listen to members of the Senate, as well." He then mumbled, "But not the Democrats."

It is likely that Chief Justice William Rehnquist, 80, will retire soon. He is suffering from cancer. The President plans to select the "Best darn tootin' judge" he can get "Uncle Teddy" to approve of.

No word yet on just how far left that requires a nominee to be, although a spokesperson for Sen. Kennedy's office said, "(Karl) Marx was an ultra-conservative, right-winger, and a religious fanatic." Marx is commonly thought of as a communist, and an atheist. This might not be a good sign for "the spirit of bi-partisanship" so often touted by the "progressive" Democratic Party.