Monday, June 27, 2005

Dean: Stop Right Wing Court.

DNC Chairman Howard "Mao-Tse" Dean said at a press conference today, "Do we really want this ultra right-wing court allowing the Ten Commandments on any type of property, public or otherwise. We need to stop these White Christian evangelicals," referring to the Supreme Court ruling in which the court banned the display of the Ten Commandments in one case but decided it was just fine in another case.

CNN reports:
Dissenting in the Texas case, Justice John Paul Stevens argued the display was an improper government endorsement of religion. Stevens noted in large letters the monument proclaims 'I AM the LORD thy God.'"
He also noted other preposterous notions in the Ten Commandments, such as, "You shall not commit adultery," and "You shall not steal."

Chairman Dean also stated that, "These are not the kinds of values we want reflected in our culture. How are we, as a people, to seize land when we put it out there on display that stealing is wrong? This Supreme Court is so far to the right, out of the mainstream, they must be stopped at all costs."

He also added that the ruling on Kelo v. New London was evidence that, "the ultra-conservative Court is in the back pocket of corporations and land developers."