Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Earlier today, a spokesperson for the People for Government Efficiency, a non-partisan advocacy group, announced the formation of a bipartisan commission that will investigate the causes of and possible solutions for government inefficiency.

The commission will spend the next 12 years studying the causes of government waste, and evaluating methods by which bureaucratic waste can be curtailed. It will cost an estimated 29.8 billion dollars per year.

At the conclusion of the study the commission will issue a report of recommendations for Congress to employ in order to reduce the size and scope, and more importantly the cost of the federal government.

Responsible Government Now, a neo-conservative, interest group with close ties to the Bush administration, suggested that the commission is the very epitome of what is wrong with the government. Joe-Jack Thompson, spokesperson for the lobby group based in the notoriously ultra-conservative state of Texas told reporters, “This commission is the perfect example of government waste and inefficiency that we are fighting against.”

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