Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Meme-ories 2

Wonder Woman has tagged me with a meme about 5 weird habits, with the disclaimer that since she did it twice, I have to as well. I already gave 2 things about me, and left it at that. As I mentioned, I don't like being told what to do, so I'll round it out with 3 more to actually make it a complete set.

  • I hate onions, and have the ability to pick even the smallest onion fragment out of my food while chewing it. It's a real skill, I know. Once I figure out how to capitalize on it and market my skill, I will be a very wealthy person.

  • I like to talk to my dogs, in their language. I grunt, and snort, and make whatever weird noises that they make all the time.

  • I intentionally walk into things to provoke laughter from my known associates. There's a long running joke at work about, "How long will it take for Mike to do something to injure himself?" Then when they hear me yell, "Dammit!" The response is, "What'd you do this time?" I'm like a walking 3 Stooges episode.

My brain has now resorted back to it's natural state of vacuous emptiness. I'm not tagging anyone, because everyone I know has already done it. I won't make anyone go for a second time, unlike some people. *Ahem!*