Monday, January 09, 2006

Terrorism For DUmmies

The NSA may not be able to tap the phone lines of KNOWN terrorists making or receiving phone calls to/from their associates in the United States, but Radioactive Liberty often has the inside scoop where others have dropped the ball.

Witness this transcript from an intercepted phone call, compliments of the tireless efforts of Agent Deranged Monkey. Begin Transcript:

Yousuf Al-Jihadi: Praised be Allah. What's the status on the plan to kill the infidels?

Jihadi Ali bin-Mohammed: Allah be praised. Things are going better than ever. Thanks to the infidel Democrats, we no longer have to worry about our phone communications being monitored.

Yousef: But what about retroactive warrants?

Jihadi: Do you think that the lazy American pigs will be able to jump through such hoops to obtain one of these warrants. Fool! A camel's son would know better!

Yousef: Praised be Allah! So helpful are the infidel Democrats. Have you received the chemical weapons smuggled through the porous border?

Jihadi: Of course I have. Allah be praised, even if we were to be caught, the American swine would never be able to use effective interrogation methods to extract the information needed to foil our plan, thanks to the infidel McCain.

Yousef: The infidels will all die.

Jihadi: Even the "like minded progressives" whom have done so much to aid us in our jihad?

Yousef: All infidels: black, white, Asian, atheist, Christian, filthy Jews, and even so-called Muslim infidels that have accepted the Americanized lifestyle. All shall die! Allah be praised.

The transcript ends because the electric company cut Agent DM's power for being delinquent on his bill. It's a good thing we have Democrats out there protecting America from the Bush Junta.


Apologies to Dr. Phat Tony, who did a similar bit recently, but for a different purpose.

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